- Learn how to work in cross-functional teams consisting of programmers, designers, marketers
- Observe the real-world healthcare challenges through direct immersion in a Chinese hospital
- Develop a working prototype through wireframing, web and/or smartphone app development,and potential integration with sensors wearables
- Create a viable business plan with the support of Chinese business experts and entrepreneurs
- Pitch to VCs and advisors

Week 1

August 2016

Week 2

4 Teams, 1 Grand Prize

Final Pitch to Investors

- Thurs, Aug 25
- 10 min PPT, 5 min Q&A from the judging panel
Judging Criteria

- Conceptual design approach
- Technical feasibility
-Creativity and Newness of the idea
- Level of completeness
- Prototype development stage
- Business plan
- Presentation

Components of the Pitch
(in no particular order)

- Problem (Story Leading Into Need Statement)
- Current Standard of Care and Its Shortcomings
- Market Size
- Competitors
- Show Your Solution, Demo It, Tell Us the Unique Selling Points of Your Solution
- Value Proposition Compared to Competitors
- Business Model/Revenue Stream (How Will You Make Money?)
- Go-To-Market Strategy􏰀 (IP, Regulatory Pathway, First Entry Point, Minimizing Risk, Stakeholder Analysis, Next Steps to Get Your Solution to Market􏰈)
- Team